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Last Updated. 17 September, 2004  
Focus:  Small animals - dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits
Singapore Toa Payoh VetsBlk 1002, Toa Payoh Lor 8, #01-1477, Singapore 319074. Inside the industrial park, near the golf driving range, polyclinic and Indian temple.

Tel  +65 6254-3326, 9668-6468 (Dr Sing), 9668-6469 (James for appointment). 
Fax  +65 6256-0501.
A private small animal practice. Mainly dogs, cats, hamsters and rabbits.  10am - 5pm  daily including public holidays and weekends.  

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY to save time. 
Pet owners are welcome to drop in without appointments but sometimes we are in the middle of surgery and Caesarean deliveries. We will not be able to attend to you promptly. Please call us if you can't turn up after making an appointment.  

Be Kind To Pets - A COMMUNITY EDUCATION FOR PET LOVERS using narrative stories and pictures is sponsored by ASIAHOMES.COM, "affordable homes for expatriates".  

Ear flap injuries in a Miniature Schnauzer puppy, Singapore. Should the ears be trimmed? Canine eclampsia, home breeder. Schnauzer, 5 pups, 5 weeks. Toa Payoh Vets
48. Ear injuries (upper 1/3 of ear pinnae) in a Miniature Schnauzer, attributed to dog bites.  A good looking puppy is a pleasure to most owners.  How should the vet treat the disfigured ears?     47. Canine Eclampsia - hypocalacemia (low calcium level in the blood) is an emergency. Bitch will die if not given prompt veterinary treatment. Had vomited at week 3 of lactation; treated by a vet for vomiting.  Week 5, vomited and panting.
Public education - Be Drugs Free. Alaskan Malamute at Holland Village on National Day, Singapore
46. Be drugs free during National Service. Read widely to broaden your mind.  A community service by 45. Frequently Asked Questions by new puppy owners. FAQ on puppy behaviour
Brown Schnauzer with sibling (salt and pepper) 3rd episode of panting. Housed in air-conditioned kennels for next 6 days. Recovered.
44. Schnauzers come in brown colours too. The Ugly Duckling
43. Not eating. Breathing fast. Soft cries.   Taiwan-imported Schnauzer puppy housed in non air-conditioned quarantine kennel was more susceptible to the hot and humid Singapore heat. 1 older and another puppy had similar symptoms and did not survive.  Was it distemper?  Unlikely.
Waiting could have led to dead Maltese pups. Travelling time to vet  must be taken into account. Chihuahua was probably mated by another sire 3 days earlier.
42. Don't wait if the dam is in distress. Breeder got priority right. 5 live vigorous pups.  41. Don't wait if first stillborn has almost full coat of hair. 52nd day due date was incorrect. Mated by another sire. Any live pup? Use your finger to check at vulva, breeder said.  Vet should use stethoscope.  Right pup still had heart beats. Dam could not breathe well under anaesthesia. Took long time. Had to use mask.  Breeder noted that the Caesarean was "bloodless". Dam was in shock.
No need to wait till mum distressed to elect for a Caesarean. Had previous Caesarean. Chihuahua. Toa Payoh Vets 4 hours delay is too late to save 4th Persian kitten (right).
40. Don't wait if the Chihuahua is past 60th day. Weak contractions. Elective Caesarean save this sole pup. Mother needs to reduce weight. 39. Four hours of labour pains and no Persian kitten. Too late to save the 4th stuck in the water bag at the vagina with skull squashed. 5th very weak but survived. 3 born naturally but 3rd died inside the water bag when laid on. 
Dry scales on head and back of miniature Schnauzer puppy
38. Dandruff on head and back of miniature Schnauzer puppy purchased from a pet shop.  37. Meconium flooded amniotic sac of black and white pup. It was distressed. Other pup distressed and small. Both survived.
Placenta out but pup blocked by 2nd pup. Disconnect placenta fast. Just ripe Chihuahua 62-day-old even-sized puppies. Toa Payoh Vets
36. Placenta up, but pup below blocked by 2nd pup. Disconnected placenta. Pup not coming out. Removed 2nd pup first and fast.  2 large pups crammed inside uterine body.  A problem of life and death. 35. Mother bites people. Will she bite her own puppies after Caesarean delivery and kill them?
Red, sore anus after 4 days profuse diarrhoea in a pet shop cat. Emergency Caesarean. Yorkshire head stuck inside vagina.
34. If your pet shop treatment of diarrhoea is not successful for more than 2 days, consult your vet to save the cat's life. 33. 60th day Emergency Caesarean delivery. lst pup's tongue seen just inside vagina. Bulge below anus. Puppy can't come out.    




Tel 6254-3326 (Toa Payoh Vets), email to make arrangements. 
Tel  Big Breed Transport Chye 9686 1794 for big dog transport to any vet.  

1.  Veterinary surgeon (interested in being a partner) and work shorter hours. 
2.  Veterinary nurse. Those who are not able to work weekends need not apply. 
3.  Graphic designer (competent in Microsoft Excel, Pagemaker, Chinese word processing software, Access and Word). 

Email resume to

Chihuahua puppy for sale, Apr 23 2003  SingaporeHOW YOUR PUPPY CAN LIVE LONGER?  BOOK by Dr Sing Kong Yuen to be published in 2004. Queries to

Block 1002, Toa Payoh Lor 8,
#01-1477, Singapore 319074   

Operating since 1982. 
Dr Sing Kong Yuen,
BVMS, (Glasgow), MRCVS
Mon-Sun  10 am - 5 pm

By Appointment Only
6254-3326, 9668-6469, 9668-6468, 6256-0501 (fax).
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