Kitten Selling.   How Dee Succeeds in Selling Kittens    
The Catwoman of Singapore 
Chinese translation: Toh Wan-ting
Maine Coon kittens for sale,"Claws were unsheathed like kung fu warriors taking out their swords as my cats leapt into mid air! " Dee said. "The older cat opened its eyes to the maximum,  spread his lips wide and spat at the the new cat."

Dee continued, "Blood oozed out from the older cat as the younger cat's claws scraped his cheek. It was a battle to the death as the older cat could not accept the newcomer I brought home."

Dee is in charge of Pets' Station, Frankel branch, a pet
shop in Singapore famous for its diverse feline breeds.   She loved cats and would have kept hundreds if that was possible.   

"So, how do you stop the feline battle?" I was most curious to learn how an experienced Catwoman handle such situations.   "Did you lash out your cat whip to separate the fighters, like Catwoman in the m

Dee rolled her eyes upwards as I had asked a stupid question. I guessed she did not appreciate my sense of humour. 

 "I pulled one cat away," Dee replied. I was impressed. I am chicken-hearted and would not dare to intervene in animal quarrels. I may throw something at the fighters to startle and cool them down. 

Dee is one of the few Singaporean women not intimidated by ferocious domestic cats.  The average female Singaporean would just bolt. Most Singaporeans are urbanised and have little contact with animals.  Now, what happened to Dee when she interrupted the territorial dispute of the feline fighters? 
Dee showed me the long zig-zag claw scratches on her fore arm, like Boy Scouts showing their proficiency badges on their uniforms. 

She said, "The older cat scratched me and the other cat went for my legs too!"  Four red lines crossed the width of her right forearm. I shuddered as I felt the deep burning sensation of claw cuts myself. 

I was surprised she was scratched at home by her own cats. I thought she was a cat controller. She handles several hundreds of kittens and cats in her job over the past 3 years.  The pet shop cats seem timid whenever she grabs them by the hands for me to vaccinate them.  She just looks at them in the eyes, speaks firmly to them, extend her hands and the cats are napped without resistance.  Except for one real fierce adult cat. 


Bengal, kitten, cats, Singapore"What did you do to separate the cats" I asked.  The cats were still at war. Would one die if nothing was done? 

Dee reminisced as she cleared the cat stools from the litter tray, a job most Singaporean female employees would not want to perform. 

She inspected the cats to make sure they had no runny nose, diarrhoea or skin infections like ringworm. 

I persevered, "How did you manage to stop the cats fighting?" 

"I took a water hose and sprayed water at the two cats. They stopped fighting." 

That was an excellent solution. Most cats are afraid of water.  Dee certainly knew how to resolve tough situations.

Dee loves beautiful kittens. Once I saw her putting a newly purchased kitten on the counter top and giving it a good-bye kiss as the new owner will be taking it home.  The kitten swung her tiny paw to scratch her 
face !  The feline species is more independent-minded than the canine species and may not appreciate kisses. 
It was time for a picture of all the diverse breeds for the readers.  Dee and groomer Emma took the kittens outside for the picture taking. I tried to get a better picture pose for the Exotic Shorthair.  It gave me a fast swipe with its tiny paw. That was how I got a picture of the pet shop girls laughing.  This is my favourite feline picture as it is extremely difficult to get spontaneous smiles from people being photographed for a magazine.  Also, the kittens showed their claws to warn the photographer not to mess around just because they are young felines.     
Pets' Station's diverse breeds of kittens for sale,
In 2005, the Pets' Station at Frankel will be converted to a Pet Shop selling kittens and cats only. A cat lover's paradise as all breeds of cats from all over the world will be seen at this pet shop.   No puppies or dogs will be present.   

This will be the dream job for Dee as she is not fond of the canine species.  

Cost containment is important in any retail business in Singapore as competition intensifies in a developed country and price cutting becomes rampant.  Close daily observation of the kittens and cats ensures that they get prompt veterinary attention when necessary. Dee makes sure that the kittens and cats are well cared for, saving her boss large veterinary expenses. 

The secrets of success are more than her depth of knowledge of the care and health of the diverse breeds of cats for sale.   They include a warm and responsive after-sales service.  

She gives valuable cat-care advices to buyers and helps them resolve the post-sales problems saving them costly veterinary fees.  If she can't resolve the problems, she will refer them to the veterinarians.  She is the real

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