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Be Kind To Pets - 9 July, 2004
Be Kind To Pets - 04 August, 2004  

Distinct anterior lateral line (white) above and behind the eyes The red-eared Slider (turtle) is popular as pets in Singapore
18. How to be successful as a home breeder of discus. 17. Photo Contests For Students - Be Kind To Pets
Overdue stillborn Shih Tzu pup. Dam strained till faeces passed out. A good dog carrier makes the anxious dog feel secure.
16. Over-due Caesarean meant dead puppies. 15.  The Separation-Anxiety Dog
Brown and silver Schnauzer with sibling salt and pepper. Timeliness in an elective Caesarean - unstressed dam and vigorous pups

14. The Ugly Duckling


13. Timeliness in an elective Caesarean - unstressed dam and vigorous pups. Sufficient time to go to dinner for the breeder too.
Delays in getting to the vet - 4 stressed Chihuahuas and 2 weak ones  during Caesarean. Jack Russell had 4th pup stuck with one hand out.
12. TRANSPORT delays in getting to the vet. 4 stressed Chihuahuas and 2 weak ones seen during Caesarean delivery and weak mother. Will pups survive past 7 days? 11. FORCEFUL traction of the 4th pup resulted in skin stripped off the hand, as seen during Caesarean and meconium all over the body.
Best to advertise nationally as demand is not great for big dogs. Aggressive advertisement in the Straits Times newspaper on Saturday and low price sold 4 puppies.
No milk and no labour pains at 65th day. 2nd Caesarean delivery. 37.7 deg C. Pups very vigorous and crying loudly. Unusual tail-less Chihuahua pup seen.

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