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Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits
Blood test
Urine test
Caesarean section & anaesthetic. Excludes antibiotics, painkillers. Video: Emergency Caesarean Section  $650 (<5 kg).  $850 (5.1 - 14.9 kg).
$950 (15 - 24.9 kg).  $1,000 - $1,500 (>25 kg)
Castration (neuter) & anaesthetic - male cats, hamsters, rabbits. Excludes e-collar, antibiotics, painkillers   $125 - 150 for male cats and rabbits
$75 for male hamsters.
Castration (neuter) & anaesthetic - male dogs.  Add $50 to remove undescended testes. Excludes e-collar, antibiotics, painkillers $200 - $275 (<5 kg). $280 - $300 (5 - 14.9 kg).
$300 - $375 (15 - 24.9 kg). $400 - $475 (>25 kg)
Vasectomy (no removal of testes) Add $80 to normal castration (neuter)
Consultation   $25 - 60 (10 a.m - 8 p.m)
$60 (public holidays, after 5 p.m) 
$250 - $350 for house-calls.
Debarking & anaesthetic.
Ventriculocordectomy (laryngotomy approach)
Excludes antibiotics, painkillers & hospitalisation for 3 days.
$400 (< 5 kg). $500 (5 - 14.9 kg)
$700 (15 - 25 kg). For ventral approach.
For oral approach, the cost is $200 - $250.
Declawing surgery & anaesthestic. Excludes antibiotics, painkillers & hospitalisation for 3 days. Declawing cats $300. Two front paws.
Deworming $10/tablet.
Eye entropion surgery & anaesthetic.
Excludes antibiotics, painkillers.
Video: Descemetocole in a Shih Tzu 
$300 - $800 depending on the severity of the condition. Eye entropion surgery for Shar-Pei puppies.
Eyeball prolapse removal surgery & anaesthetic.  Excludes antibiotics, painkillers  $400 - $800 depending on the severity of the condition
General anaesthetic gas, isoflurane, excluding sedation $50-$100 $150 (<15 minutes). $250 (16-30 minutes).
$350 (31-60 minutes).  $450 (61-120 minutes)
Heart worm tests (blood)/Parvovirus tests (faeces). $50/test
Hernia repair & anaesthetic. Excludes antibiotics, painkillers Shih Tzu umbilical hernia 11 weeks old - serious condition now$400 - $800 depending on the severity and location of hernias. A stitch in time saves nine
House-call excluding medication $250 (10 a.m - 5 p.m)
$350 - $400 (after 5 p.m & public holidays)

Lateral ear resection & anaesthetic. Excludes antibiotics, painkillers. Video: Lateral ear canal resection surgery at Toa Payoh Vets

Singapore, Schnauzer excessive ear hairs, otitis externa$350/ear operation
$700 for 2 ears in normal uncomplicated cases. The Schnauzer bit 2 vets!
Microchip $50 per animal 
Spay & anaesthetic - female cats. Excludes antibiotics, painkillers. Add $50 if caterwauling $150 - $200 (not pregnant or caterwauling)
$200 - $300 (pregnant)
Spay & anaesthetic - female dogs, not pregnant. Add $50 if pregnant/on heat vaginal bleeding. Excludes antibiotics, painkillers. 

Pyometra & anaesthetic. Excludes antibiotics, painkillers
$250-$325 (<5 kg) e.g. Chihuahua. 
$325- $400 (5.1 - 14.9 kg) e.g. Miniature Schnauzer, Shih Tzu.
$350 - $400 (15 - 25 kg) e.g. Cross-breed.   
$400 - $500 (>25 kg).
Pyometra surgery: $800 - $1,200
Spay & anaesthetic - female rabbits/guinea pigs. Excludes antibiotics, painkillers $150-$200
Surgery (general). Excludes sedation, anaesthesia, antibiotics, painkillers.  An estimate will be given before surgery $250 (<15 minutes)
$250 - $2,500 depending on type of surgery and time taken. E.g. bladder stone removal is from $800 - $1,000
Video: Sterilising your dog questions and answers
Video: Sterilisation of your pet.
Video: Closed Pyometra in A Dog
Video: Kidney & bladder stones


Tail amputated. A tail bone seen. Tissues very healthy due to antibiotics given for past 5 days.  Tail amputation surgery and anaesthesia.  Excludes antibiotics, painkillers.
A tail-less Rottweiler
$40 (<3 days old)
$150 - $200 (4 - 14 days old) includes anaesthesia
$200 - 300 (2-4 weeks old) includes anaesthesia 
$300 - $500 for >4 weeks old includes anaesthesia e.g. Rottweiler
Teeth scaling, anaesthetic & antibiotics $250 - $350 14 teeth extracted
Teeth scaling,  extraction, anaesthetic & antibiotics $250 - $350 + $20/tooth extracted. A biting Spitz
Tranquiliser/Pain killer injection $50 - $150
Tumour removal & anaesthetic $300 - $800 depending on size. 
Singapore Dwarf hamster with breast tumour removedTumour removal & anaesthetic  for hamsters, guinea pigs or rabbits. Excludes antibiotics & painkillers $150 - $300 depending on size. The hamster loses its fighting spirit
$40 kennel cough vaccine
$40 (9-in-one).
$65 rabies vaccine
$65 - $70 (heart-worm vaccine)

*9-in-one vaccine refers to disease protection against 9 diseases. These are the viruses of distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, adenovirus type 2, parainfluenza, coronavirus and 4 leptospirosis bacteria.
$35  (flu, pneumonia & enteritis vaccine)

1. Vaccination in dogs
2. Distemper virus kills puppies
3. Parvovirus kills puppies
4. Vaccination protocol for breeding and local dogs, recommended by Toa Payoh Vets
Video: Kennel Cough in A Puppy.
Video: What you need to know about parvovirus
Vet health examination after puppy purchase/for export. Excludes blood & urine tests, X-rays and ultrasound. $65 excluding an eye scope examination
$85 including an eye scope examination


Bathe your pet before the surgery. See Spaying a cat with hair mites

Tel 6254-3326 (Toa Payoh Vets) to make arrangements.

BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER.  Keep our environment clean. Ask our receptionist for a plastic bag to pick up your dog stools.

Singapore Chihuahua mother and newborn of 1 hour, by Caesarian Section at Toa Payoh VetsFees for all major surgeries like castration, spays, caesarian section include tranquiliser and gaseous anaesthesia but excludes antibiotics, painkillers and e-collars.  Confined area rest after surgery for 24 hours is preferred to taking home immediately as the patient needs time to recover.  Discuss with our vets to get an estimate of fees.  
Some interesting cases at Toa Payoh Vets are as follows:
Video: Emergency Caesarean Section Video: Swinging distressed puppies
Video: Eclampsia
Gastrotomy educational video for vet students Video: Descemetocole in a Shih Tzu Carnaissal Tooth Abscess Declawing cats De-barking: Vbentriculo-
Intact Male PekX, constipation. Rectum with stools diverted. Perineal hernias.Toa Payoh Vets Old dog oral cheek tumour and rotten teeth bad breath dental scaling extraction toa payoh vets singapore Reduce newspapers coverage of floor to paper train the puppy. Toa Payoh Vets Some owners can understand the need to wait 2 months after the heat to spay the bitch. Toa Payoh Vets Undescended left testicle is a Sertoli tumour. 8 year old Jack Russell. Toa Payoh Vets High quality Miniature Schnauzers, not quantiy?  Toa Payoh Vets.
Perineal hernias in a Pekinese X Pom Large cheek tumour & 15 rotten teeth Video: De-ticking services Toilet training your puppy in Singapore research case studies Spay at 3 months after heat is advised by Dr Sing Update - Sterilisation of dogs Pyometra in aged female dogs Caesarean in Singapore dogs
english cocker spaniel, head shaking several weeks, lateral ear canal resection surgery toa payoh vets singapore Singapore Rottweiler sudden death heartworm disease. Toa Payoh Vets   dwarf hamster care surgery, big cyst right fore paw, wart below left fore paw, toa payoh vets singapore
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