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25 May, 2015
  Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits
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Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS 
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Dr Daniel Sing Zongzheng, BSc, BVMS (Murdoch). Afternoon consultations only
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12 pm - 5 pm  Sat,
Sun & Public Holidays.
Toa Payoh Vets Case Studies
511. Video. Four in-patient cases reviewed on this Sunday May 16, 2015
510. Video: How to take care of a 12-year-old Cocker Spaniel's ears and eyes
509. Video: A spayed cat has itchy armpits
508. Video: A guinea pig passes soft stools and eats less
507. Video: A dog has itchy red rashes suddenly
506. A drooling guinea pig is anaesthesized and molar spurs filed Pt 2
505. Video: A guinea pig drools for 3 weeks - Pt 1
504. Video: A cat has diarrhoea after spay
503. Video: A French Bulldog has inguinal hernias and new ringworm lesions
502. Video: Silkie sedated to dislodge and take out stuck cotton bud or Q tips inside ear canals Pt 2
501. Video: Cotton bud tips stuck inside both ears of a Silkie Terrier Pt 1
500. Video: Day 4. How to clean the ear canal wounds Pt 4
499. Video: How post-op care is done for vertical ear canal ablation in a Miniature Schnauzer Pt 3
498. Video: Vertical ear canal ablation Day 3 Pt 2
497. Video: Vertical ear canal ablation 18 hours later Pt 1
496. Video: White shell spots in a terrapin Pt 2
495. Video: A terrapin has white spots on the shell Pt 1
494. Video: Pug now has no abscess Pt 3
493. Video: Pug with a big abscess Pt 2
492. Video: Deep spreading pyoderma pug has a big abscess Pt 1
491. Video: How to use the autoclave to sterilise surgical instruments at Toa Payoh Vets
490. Video: A rescued Persian has an infected damaged left eye Pt 1
489. Video: An old Shih Tzu has left ear infections, aural haematoma and bad teeth
488. Video: A Shiba Inu has hyperpigmented peri-vulvar area and anal sacculitis
487. Video: A 16-year-old dog has an obnoxiously smelly left armpit wound
486. Video: A Shih Tzu has Itchy eyes after a visit to the beach
485. Video: A guinea pig has crusty eyelids Pt 2
484. Video: A 5-year-old guinea pig has crusty eyelids, a large inguinal tumour and urine scalding Pt 1
483A. Video: Gas anaesthesia to check the left cheek pouch and ears. Paw biting seen.
483. Video: An obsessive compulsive cheek pouch storage dwarf hamster Pt 2
482A. Video: A terrapin with swollen and closed eyes (right side of image above) came to Toa Payoh Vets
482. Video: Same brand of food. Two terrapins from different owners develop swollen and closed eyes
481. Webpage: Surgery - Mammary adenomas in an American Cocker Spaniel
2008 case. lst case. Procrastination in seeking veterinary treatment led to gigantic abscess formation. The worst case I had encountered.
2nd case of eyelid abscess in 2015
480. Video: 2nd case. Teaching the owner how to clear the eyelid abscess at home
479F. Video: Day 2. Fatso has more pus expressed Pt 5
479E. Video: How hamster Fatso's eyelid abscess is lanced and drained Pt 4
479D. Video: Fatso before anaesthesia Pt 3
479B. Video: Fatso has a large eyelid abscess Pt 2
479A. Video: Fatso has a lower eyelid abscess for 3-4 weeks Pt 1
479. Blog: 2nd case. A mother teaches a child to be kind to hamsters
lst case of eyelid abscess in 2015. Recurring abscess.
478. Blog: How your dog can live longer with kidney stones?
477. Blog 2153: Kidney stones become gigantic in a 13-year-old pomeranian
476. Video: Kidney failure due to stones in a 12-year-old poodle. Fed brown rice & beef. Pt 2
475. Webpage: Kidney stones in a 10-year-old poodle. Bladder stone removed in 2013. Pt 1
474. Video: Left elbow pain in a Chihuahua
473A. Video: How a swollen and closed eyed terrapin is treated at Toa Payoh Vets
473. Video: Sunlight treatment of the terrapin
472. Video: Day 2 of terrapin treatment
471. Video: Sunlight for the terrapin with swollen and closed eyes
470. Video: A terrapin has closed and swollen eyes for 7 weeks
469. Video: End of surgery removing vertical ear canal Pt 5
468. Video: Drainage cartilage is stitched Pt 4
467. Video: Vertical ear canal has been cut off Pt 3
466. Video: Vertical ear canal ablation surgery Pt 2
465. Video: Vertical ear canal ablation surgery Pt 1
464. Video: Two white miniature schnauzer in patients - ear and bladder stone surgeries
463. Video: A Cavalier has dry eyes after de-ticking by a groomer
462. Video: How to clean a puppy's ears and give deworming tablets
461. Video: Vaccination and microchipping of a Singapore puppy
460. Video: X-raying a kitten that had swallowed a fish bone
459E. Video: The recurring bladder stone Miniature Schnauzer goes home 3 days after surgery Pt 2
459D. Video: Review of the the 2 struvite operations  in this Miniature Schnauzer
459C. Video: X-rays of recurring struvite stones packed in the bladder
459B. Video: Sending Schnauzer for X-rays
459A. Video: How to prevent recurring bladder stones
459. Video: A Schnauzer has bladder stones again 19 months after lst surgery. Review. Pt 1
458. Blog: May 11, 2015. Recurrent struvite stones in a female Miniature Schnauzer
457. Blog: Urethral obstruction, FIC in cats - Dr Susan Little's lecture
456. Video: Final. A guinea pig has a bloated stomach
455. Video: Final. A Syrian Hamster dam has hypocalcaemia
454. Video: Final. How dental scaling is done in an old Chihuahua at Toa Payoh Vets
453. Video: A left head-tilting Schnauzer is sedated Pt 2
452. Video: A left head-tilting Schnauzer has lumbo-sacral pain Pt 1
451. Video: A Golden Retriever goes home by van Pt 2
450. Video: A Golden Retriever purged bloody diarrhoea Pt 1
449. Video: A 4-year-old Maltese has immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia
448. Video: How to take care of a spayed rabbit at home
447C. Video: Subconjunctival swelling in this caat
447B. Video: Less painful eye abscess after lancing
447A. Video: An old cat has subconjunctival abscess Pt 3
447. Video: An old cat has a subconjunctival abscess Pt 2
446. A 10-year-old cat has a facial abscess - malar abscess? Pt 1
445. Video: How to syringe-feed a rabbit
444. Video: A dwarf hamster's gigantic chest tumour is excised Pt 2
443. Video: A young terrapin has respiratory infection
442. Video: Post-op advices on a Siberian Husky spayed at Toa Payoh Vets
441. Video: A 12-year-old poodle has more left kidney stones
440. Video: A bullied 16-year-old terrapin is paralysed
439. Video: An old Beagle X has diarrhoea after boarding Pt 1
438. Video: A much loved male rabbit comes in for neutering
437. Video: A puppy has two hairless ear pinnae Pt 2
436. Video: A puppy has two hairless ear pinnae Pt 1
435. Video: Two hereditary diseases of Shih Tzus - umbiical hernia and cryptorchidism
434. Video: A 12-year-old Maltese has skin rashes
433. Video: A Shih Tzu has an abdominal X-ray Pt 2
432. Video: A Shih Tzu has diarrhoea and abdominal pain Pt 1
431. Video: A very itchy hamster Pt 2
430. Video: A hamster has been itchy for 4 weeks Pt 1
429. Video: The anaesthesized Roborovski's wounds are cleaned Pt 2
428. Video: A 6-month-old Roborovski hamster was bitten by his sibling
427. Video: The old cat has enlarged kidneys seen on X-rays Pt 2
426. Video: An old female cat has kidney pain and malignant breast cancer Pt 1.
425. Video: A one-week-old guinea pig cannot stand
424. Video: Angie the pug had sternal granuloma excised
423. Video: How to age a 6-month-old puppy?
422. A Video: A thin cat has backside skin hair loss and fur mites
421. Video: An old overweight dwarf hamster has diarrhoea
420A. Video: An appreciation of thanks from the owners of the head-tilting Schnauzer
420. Video: Review of the collapsed Schnauzer Pt 5
419. Video: An 11-year-old Schnauzer collapsed again Pt 4
418. Video: An 11-year-old Schnauzer eats Pt 3
417. Video: An 11-year-old Schnauzer recovers Pt 2
416. Video: An 11-year-old Schnauzer with chronic head tilt suddenly collapsed Pt 1
415. Video: A cat has central retinal atrophy?
414. Video: A foreign-body paw wound in an old dog
413. Video: Two dyspneic terrapins. One soft-shelled terrapin.
412. Video: The ageing lotus plants, Singapore
411. Webpage: Spondylosis deformans in an old Shih Tzu
410. Video: A stray cat's backside wound is not healing Pt 2
409. Video: A stray cat's backside wound is not healing Pt 1
408. Video: A Fox Terrier has a painful itchy tail end
407. Video: The itchy angry hamster. The eyelid abscess hamster
406. Video: Day 3 Review. Pus in the eyelid abscess
405. Video: Day 3. there is still pus in the eyelid abscess
404. Video: Day 2 after subconjunctival abscess drainage
403. Blog: A stray cat eats but spits out food for the past 3 days
402. Woodlands Blk 371A car parking lots
401. Video: Woodlands Regional Library, Singapore
400. Video: A Cavalier King Charles has dry eye, breast tumour and heart disease

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