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January 19, 2023

To be a top 3 veterinary surgery in Singapore

Surgical outcomes must be excellent to satisfy the pet owners and get more referrals from them to sustain the practice. Standard operating procedures and consistent efficient processes are adopted. A high standard of surgery, pre- and post-operation care must be maintained to achieve excellent surgical and treatment outcomes.

Clinical research of cases must be done by vets and interns to hone their skills and gain expertise as every case is unique and much can be learnt from case studies. For example:  Final Video: Liver tumour operation in a Jack Russell. The dog has recovered fully from the liver tumour removal surgery. Four cases of bladder stone removal surgeries are as follows:
Four Singapore dogs with bladder stones and operated at Toa Payoh Vets have recovered.
To providing affordable veterinary health care costs without compromising our integrity and ethical behaviour

1.  To provide a personalised veterinary service. Toa Payoh Vets is where pet owners and their children get good clinical and surgical outcomes for their pets and become our friends over the years.  Owners who prefer the same veterinarian to care for their pets over the years are likely to have their choice at Toa Payoh Vets.     

2. To document clinical research to gain expertise. We channel much effort to address the roots of Singapore pet's problems through advocacy, prevention, education and research. Video: The Be Kind To Pets project.

Some of our efforts are shared via the internet with pet owners at Be Kind To Pets and Toilet training your puppy in Singapore.

3.  To focus on providing high quality care Our vets are expected to put emphasis on clinical governance, continuing education, expertise and management. That include meticulous recording of anaesthesia and surgery, review of all cases performed and getting a highest possible % of successful
outcomes of anaesthesias and surgery

Video: A retiree's cat no longer has painful urination.
Final Video: A guinea pig has an encapsulated abscess
Final Video: A 14-year-old Maltipoo nearly died.
Final Video: Vertical Ear Canal Ablation in a Husky
Video: Caring for terrapins video
Video: Ear gangrene & nose abscesses in a hamster
Recurring urinary stones study at: Blog: May 11, 2015. Recurrent struvite stones in a female Miniature Schnauzer
Video: An old dog drools from the right jaw
Video: An old dog drools for over 2 week
Video: No more drooling after surgery. What is the cause?
Six Guiding Principles
1. We provide a great work and learning environment for staff.
2. We provide a very clean environment for warded pets, charging affordable rates and early discharge to reduce veterinary costs for clients.
3. We contribute to the community in partnership with corporations to educate young pet owners, pet shop operators and breeders. We have been involved, since 1997 in the "Be Kind To Pets" narrative community education under the sponsorship of BE KIND TO PETS Veterinary Educational videos are created as the younger generation prefers videos to long text and reports.
4. We know that time is a valuable asset for clients. We try to keep waiting time to less than 15 minutes for customers with prior appointments. 
5. We recognise that sustainable profitability is essential to our success. We need to be profitable so that we can provide a highest standard of ethical and affordable service to our customers and to upgrade our premises, equipment and services.
6. Our Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, Dog Groomers and Interns must find time to be self-educated continually and attempt to write their clinical research and observations for the betterment of pet care.
We share our findings with the pet community via the internet or by publishing reports ourselves and/or in collaboration with others. Archives of case studies are at An example is shown below.
No. 217. Video: A young male cat is not able to walk, diagnosed with FLUTD 10 days ago. 1/3
No. 218. Video: X-rays show much enlarged kidneys. 2/3
No. 219. Video: X-ray interpretation of swollen kidneys. 3/3. The cat recuperates at home.
Interesting case reports are published mainly in
Community Education:
Be Kind To Pets
Vet educational videos
Case Studies: Blogs: 
Pet owners' education:
(Not updated).
Pet shop operators' & breeders' education:
(Not updated)
Pet groomer's education:
Be Kind To Groomers
(Not updated)

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