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Focus: Small animals -dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, pet rats and mice, birds and turtles      
January 09, 2023
1. Be Kind To Pets Community Veterinary Education Project - Be Kind To Pets
Toa Payoh Vets is a private small-animal practice in Singapore. It was started in 1982 by Dr Sing Kong Yuen to provide a more personalised boutique service to Singapore pet owners.  

Vets, staff and interns do clinical research and education of Singapore pet owners by participating actively in the main project, Be Kind To Pets. This commenced around 1997 when the internet was at its infancy and when web pages were grey. A large collection of case studies have had been published in the world wide web.

Be Kind To Pets share veterinary information to more people worldwide via the internet.  

2. Producing veterinary educational videos at Toa Payoh Vets
A project started 2 years ago create videos to educate the more visual generation of vet students and pet owners as text is not as appealing to these mobile-using people. Most of the videos are at:  YouTube.
An example of a video: Final Video: A tarsorrhapy and 3rd eyelid flap saved this old Silkie's eyeball as the first vet advised enucleation (eyeball removal)
Video of the history of  "Be Kind To Pets" project by Dr Sing Kong Yuen.
3. Contributing to veterinary medicine in Myanmar
Dr Sing Kong Yuen is a veterinary consultant to Royal Asia Veterinary Surgery, Yangon, Myanmar

Dr Sing Kong Yuen gave a lecture to final year vet students at Yezin Veterinary University of Myanmar in 2014. Interesting veterinary case studies in Yangon have been published as videos.
Video: A cat has pyometra in Yangon (Myanmar language for vet students in Myanmar)
Video: About Dr Thein Tun Aung on house call with Dr Sing Kong Yuen

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