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   17 April, 2013
Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits

Toa Payoh Vets Clinical Research

Anaesthesia, Spay & Neuter 
Spaying pregnant rabbit. Domitor. Ketamine.Antisedan. Toa Payoh Vets Female pregnant rabbit spayed. Bandaged. Self-adhesive. Toa Payoh Vets kid pulled out via palpation and oxytocin, rabbit, toapayohvets, singapore Rabbit has been neutered and given an antidote injection to wake up faster. Toa Payoh Vets
Anaesthesia & spay-neuter surgery of 4 rabbits at Toa Payoh Vets Post-operation management of 4 rabbits spayed Giant Rabbit & Guinea Pig Neuter Anaesthesia The internet girl knows much about rabbit dystocias Cotton Tails Rescue - Rabbit spay study Rabbit Neuter
Medical Cases
hyphema - bleeding right chamber of eye, netherland rabbit, 2 months rabbit breast tumours toapayohvets singapore rabbit 5 months, left dislocated hip reduced by Day 7 using sticky sling bandage, toapayohvets, singapore Singapore Angora Rabbit. Sleeping. Cage too small. Toa Payoh Vets Hyperactive white dwarf rabbit, Singapore
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Hyphema - Blood inside the right eye
Inoperable breast tumours in a rabbit Slinging a dislocated left hip in a 5-month-old rabbit - 7 days later The Angora Rabbit does not eat. Why? The dwarf rabbit had smelly diarrhoea 3 Cases of Sarcoptic Mange in Singapore rabbits 
Flemish Giant Rabbit. Crusts only inside ears & nose. Scabies mites seen. Toa Payoh Vets. Singapore rabbit. Damp, infected skin below eyes, bridge of nose. Toa Payoh Vets Conjunctivitis. Singapore Rabbit. Toa Payoh Vets Angora 1 year old, eating less every day. Toa Payoh Vets  
Website on dwarf rabbits Scabies in a Flemish Giant Rabbit The other rabbit groomed the damp skin below the eyes of this rabbit.   No more itchy eyes on Day 3 of treatment. The boy was happy.      Rabbit is fixated on just eating hay. Owner advised to give varied new food or the rabbit will die soon.  
Singapore rabbit. Not fully recovered on day 3. Goes home.  Toa Payoh Vets Singapore rabbit. Nursing and monitoring eye.  Toa Payoh Vets Singapore rabbit. Itchy eye for 2 weeks. Toa Payoh Vets Singapore rabbit. Remove eye scabs and matted hairs. Toa Payoh Vets Rabbit overgrown incisor teeth. Toa Payoh Vets Incisor Teeth Rabbit Overgrown Trimmed. ToaPayohVets
How to handle a rabbit to give eye drops How to handle a rabbit to give eye drops How to treat a long-standing eye infection in a rabbit. Infected matted skin scabs removed. Overgrown and deviated teeth in the rabbit. Overgrown and deviated teeth in the rabbit.

Surgical Cases - Rabbits

Singapore rabbit - head abscess Rabbit Cheek Abscesses. Anaesthesia. Molar teeth extracted. Abscesses Drained. Toa Payoh Vets Rabbit: Black hard rocky lump on left jaw corneal ulceration in a 5-year-old rabbit, left eye. why? tooth abscess, other rabbit trauma, others, toapayohvets, singapore Rabbit. Pus below 3rd eyelid, medial canthus. Foreign body is the likely cause. Toa Payoh Vets
5598 - 5604. SOP for treatment of rabbit jaw abscess Abscess in the face in rabbits Jaw Abscesses in Rabbits Abscess in the jaws & elbow tumour in the rabbit A rabbit has a painful eye and cheek Foreign body below the 3rd eyelid

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