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August 05, 2018

VIDEOS - Case studies
Aug 2018. Video: A 27-month-old Syrian hamster has a large neck tumour - surgery
Sep 2017. Final Video: A Syrian hamster has 2 large neck tumours. What to do? Electro-surgery.
Sep 2017. Video. The Syrian hamster had 2 neck tumours removed by surgery. Post-op infection.
Dec 2016. Final Video: The Syrian hamster has a rotten egg smell in the necrotic lower body skin - necrotising fasciitis
Jan 2013. Final Video: A hamster with a hip tumour
Nov 2013 Video: A Roborovski has a gigantic skin tumour 1/4
Nov 2013 Video: Anaesthesia & surgery for tumour excision 2/4
Nov 2013 Video. Anaesthetic mask for hamster & electro-surgery 3/4
Nov 2013 Video: The Roborovski recovers from surgery 4/4
May 2014 Video: Pre-op examination of a hamster with a skin tumour 1/3
May 2014 Video: Zoletil Anaesthesia to excise a tumour 2/3
May 2014 Video: A fast-growing tumour been excised 3/3
Dec 2014 Video. Flank cyst
Dec 2014 Video: Upper lip tumour electro-excised
Mar 2015 Video. A Syrian has a neck tumour
Mar 2015 Video. Subcutaneous tumour (Mandarin)
Mar 2015 Video: A hamster has a large subcutaneous tumour (Mandarin)
Apr 2015 Video. Recurring breast tumour excised
Apr 2015 Video. Breast tumour recurs
Apr 2015 Video: Two brothers brought in a dwarf hamster with two large skin lumps - chest and elbow lumps 1/2
Apr 2015 Video: Large chest tumour excised 2/2
Apr 2015. Video and Blog. A hardy dwarf hamster with two skin lumps
May 2015 Video: A large chest tumour 1/2
May 2015 Video. Chest tumour removed 2/2
Jun 2015 Video: 3 inpatient hamsters (eyelid abscess, skin tumour, bite wound) and a terrapin with swollen and closed eyes
Jun 2015 Video: A gigantic chest tumour removed
Jul 2015. How to remove leg warts from a dwarf hamster  1/3
Jul 2015. Hamster's leg warts excised 2/3
Jul 2015. Hamster's leg wart surgery (edited) 3/3
Apr 2018: Google search: Hamster tumours
VIDEOS - Wound cleaning
Apr 2015. A Roborovski is speedy. It needs to be anaesthesized for wound cleaning
Aug 2015. Final Video: A Roborovski has bite wounds
Feb 2015. How to clean an infected/post-surgical wound
Feb 2015. Final Video: How to clean an infected wound
Nov 2016. Final Video: A 3-legged hamster has skin warts and elbow sores
VIDEOS - A case study of a gigantic ear tumour surgery
Nov 2015. Video: A hamster has a large ear tumour 1/2
Nov 2015. Video: The ear tumour is excised 2/2
BLOG - Two cases of gigantic ear tumours
Blog: Two dwarf hamsters with gigantic tumours cases

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