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January 24, 2023


HAMSTER SURGERIES  - Veterinary Surgeons
TIPS FOR THE FAMILY VETS who do not wish to operate on large hamster tumours as anaesthesia is highly risky. You will do the owner a good service by referring him to a vet who does it. If the family vet just prescribes medication and advises the owner to euthanase the hamster when the tumour grow bigger and smelly, he or she will not generate good will. Some of the young hamster owners will then do online research to locate a hamster vet for the surgery.
April 2015 Video: Two brothers brought in a dwarf hamster with two large skin lumps - chest and elbow lumps 1/2

April 2015 Video: Large chest tumour excised 2/2
Blog: A hardy dwarf hamster with two skin lumps
Jun 2015 Video: Typical cases seen at Toa Payoh Vets. Three inpatient hamsters (eyelid abscess, skin tumour, bite wound) and a terrapin with swollen and closed eyes
Mar 2015 Video: A hamster has a large subcutaneous tumour (Mandarin)
May 2014 Video: Pre-op examination of a white hamster with a skin tumour 1/3
May 2014 Video: Zoletil Anaesthesia to excise a fast-growing tumour below the white hamster's ear 2/3
May 2014 Video: A fast-growing tumour below the right ear had been excised at Toa Payoh Vets 3/3
Nov 2013 Video: A Roborovski has a gigantic skin tumour 1/4
Nov 2013 Video: Equipment and drugs for anaesthesia & surgery for Roborovski's tumour excision 2/4
Nov 2013 Video. Surgical glove tip used as anaesthetic mask for hamster & electro-surgery 3/4
Nov 2013 Video: The roborovski's tumour is well after a large skin tumour removal 4/4
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow)
Founder of Toa Payoh Vets Pte Ltd,  
Member of the Singapore Veterinary Association
Graduated in 1974.
Dr Daniel Sing ZongZheng, BSc, BVMS (Murdoch)
Member of the Singapore Veterinary Association
Principal veterinary surgeon, Toa Payoh Vets Pte Ltd
Graduated in 2011.

Dwarf Hamster-large fat tumour. Toa Payoh Vets
Hamster, 2 years, Massive subcutaneous tumour excised. Toa Payoh Vets
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