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Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, pet rats and mice, birds and turtles      
March 28, 2020

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urinary stones recur again one year after surgery by Vet 1. Why? toapayohvets, singapore
Cases are at:
Dog Medicine and Dog Surgery
Cat fell 4 stories. Cases are at: Cats
guinea pigs for sale pet shop toa payoh vets singapore Hamster skin tumours irritate. Get a vet to remove them when they are small. Toa Payoh Vets
Guinea Pig cases are at: Guinea Pigs Hamster skin tumours at: Hamsters
Rabbit. Skin sore. Painful. No response to antibiotics. Singapore. Toa Payoh Vets grate training + treats for a clever puppy, toapayohvets, singapore
A rabbit keeps licking wound. More cases at: Rabbits Toilet training your puppy in Singapore
Two dogs' urine test analysis - ingestion poison, prostatitis, urinary tract infection, toapayohvets - singapore
Is imizole effective against Babesia gibsoni or not?
Some interesting cases are at: Dogs
Urine tests for 2 dogs - to detect early illnesses.
Bad breadth is not normal in older dogs. Hairs & food debri - tooth decay. Whippet. Toa Payoh Vets
Do you need to live with bad breath in your dog/cat? Dental work in a high-risk anaesthetic canine case
a maltese pees dark red maroon urine for 2 days, cystitis, toapayohvets, singapore cha-goi is greyish koi, more tame than other koi species, singapore, toa payoh vets
Urinary Tract Infections - video production How your senior dog or koi can live to an old age
Video: Vertical Ear Canal Ablation in a Husky The drooling cat claws the vet
dry hacking cough - kennel cough - new pug puppy, toapayohvets, singapore
Video: A
15-year-old dog has facial cysts
Video: Kennel Cough in Puppies
red eared slider eyes closed and puffy for last 2 weeks, now open after 4 days of treatment, toapayohvets, singapore
Chirodiscoides caviae fur mites in a guinea pig My 3 Ninja Turtles had swollen eyes

About Us - Page 1 - Veterinary services
About Us - Page 3 - Dr Sing Kong Yuen - More Information

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